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Football girls for the win!

January 31st, 2012 etmasi13


If you had told me in early October that the Mansfield-Merton football team I haphazardly joined would be champions of our league by the end of January I would have laughed in your face. But against all odds, we are. Words cannot even begin to describe the match that unfolded Saturday afternoon. I have never seen our offense so skilled and kick so many incredible shots (including 3 corner goals!) and our defense so on top of our game. For the first time in a match, I didn’t miss one ball that went past me. I was completely in the zone, pumping on adrenalin and the girls beside me. In the first half, we scored seven goals. My hands were shaking from excitement, my jaw constantly dropping at what I was seeing on the field. We would set up again and start from the middle only to–30 seconds later–have Ari or Leah score another goal. Our final score was 8-1, our best yet.

I literally have no words…. I have never been apart of such a cohesive team with the most amazing spirit and drive. As my coach Jeff said at the beginning of the match, “You’re no longer a group of girls who play football, you’re a real football team.” What an amazing experience to define my year abroad… in a hundred years, I never thought I’d be on a champion soccer team. Life is full of surprises. Next in store for the football girls is a huge banquet thrown by Merton College in celebration. And rowing is starting to pick up too– the second boat has our first race this Sunday and my mom will be there to watch. She’s arriving Friday night and staying until Monday morning since she’ll be doing a business trip in London and Brussels. I AM SO HAPPY! I can’t wait to see her and show her the city and things I love. Can life get any more awesome?

Check out ma girls.

Mansfield-Merton Women’s Football Team- League Champions!


The defenders! Left to right: Sophia, Jess, Imy, and me. Some solid formation if I do dare say…

P.S. This doesn’t mean football is over! Still have training twice a week for this term, once a week third term, and a few friendly matches thrown in there. WOO!

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