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Senior Fall Recap

October 26th, 2012 etmasi13

Okay. It’s been an unacceptable amount of time since I’ve last blogged. Let’s recap what’s been going on the past month as a senior. (Am I senior? Really? Let’s not say that word often…)

  1. I’ve discovered tailgating at HC. And I’ve never been a huge fan of watching football (I’m a baseball gal) so I rarely made the effort to watch a football at HC (oopsie). But I love having everyone in one place to socialize during the daytime that’s not always in Cool Beans or in hushed whispers in Dinand. Plus, people provide really good food. Like, really good food. It’s Parents Weekend this weekend and I’m pumped to take my parents to their first tailgate!
  2. It’s the first time at HC that I only have three scheduled courses. I still meet with my thesis advisor once a week at a set time but it’s much more casual and relaxed and has taken on a completely different form than the rest of my regular classes. It’s tricky to balance the demands of a thesis– which is a tremendous amount of independent work. I feel like my thesis is my primary tutorial like I had at Oxford… except I also have three classes that demand a lot of work as well and meet way more often than my Oxford tutorials. Stillllll getting used to it.
  3. My mom came up for lunch a weekend in September and it was so nice. Getting back into school is always hectic and keeping in touch with my mama can be difficult. The amount of phone tag she and I play is ridiculous. So it was incredible to get her onto the hill and spend some quality time with her. Plus, she got to hang with my friends for awhile which is always fun. My friend, Lauren Spurr, told me after she wanted my mom to come out for drinks with us next time she visits. You hear that, mom? You’re a hit. Cheers.
  4. I’m in the process of figuring out my life/ future. Scary stuff. I’m taking it easy and definitely not letting myself get too overstressed, but I’m trying to remain in the present moment. That was the biggest piece of advice I got from alums I met with over the summer– senior year flies by so quickly, I need to savor every moment. For now, I’m thinking that going straight into the work force isn’t necessarily right for me. While it’s totally an option, right now I’m pursuing different things that could provide me either with opportunities to cultivate my character some more before I hope into a job. I’ll keep you posted!
  5. I’m on the Study Abroad Peer Advisor Steering Committee this year which has been absolutely awesome. Since, as I’m sure you all know, I’m basically obsessed with my experience abroad, I’m clutching at any and all straws to pay the experience forward… or let’s be honest, relive it in any way possible. I got to give a speech to prospective study abroaders about why they should go and worked at the study abroad fair basically coercing everyone into applying to Oxford. Aggressive, but necessary. To anyone still debating going abroad… There is nothing to debate. GO!
  6. Williams 201 hosted their very first BAMF on September 21! BAMF is a senior tradition and it stands for “Breakfast and Mimosa Fridays”. Marjorie made pancakes (with this special batter that her dad has shipped in from California or something cool like that!) and they were delicious. I made pumpkin pie french toast which was a lot of fun and has now made me into a pumpkin fiend. Since then I’ve made pumpkin bread and have pinned maybe 7 more pumpkin-themed desserts/ goodies on Pinterest. Exhibit A: bought 3 cams of pumpkin puree at Stop & Shop today. Excessive, maybe, but yummy. But anyways, it was great to have a bunch of seniors roaming in and out of our room for a few hours, munching on our homemade treats, and enjoying each other’s company. 🙂
  7. Something that sucked about not turning 21 on campus was that I couldn’t go to the pub in Hogan. Now that I’m back, I’m obsessed. Every Tuesday night is pub night and a bunch of seniors go to share a few drinks and chat. It’s a ton of fun and the pub environment reminds me a lot of England which I always love. I’m determined to have the guys recognize me. Soon, I won’t need my passport to get in. Maybe.
  8. A few of us went apple-picking this past Sunday and it was WONDERFUL. We went to Berlin Orchards in Berlin, MA which were beautiful. A tractor drove us to the orchards, we picked 20 pounds of apples, and got ice cream after. I love Fall. Love love love! And now there are a lot of apples to go around in Williams 201!

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