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It’s That Time of Year Again…

May 5th, 2013 etmasi13

I’m not sure how the time slipped away from me this semester. People always say time flies when you’re a senior but you never realize just how fast it goes until you’re experiencing it yourself. All of a sudden, I find myself with my last semester at Holy Cross coming to a close and I’m feeling a total hodgepodge of emotions. I didn’t think graduating would hit me for some time– it’s still about 3 weeks away. But then my last day of classes came this past Thursday and I found myself at tears at 11 in the morning. I really do feel so incredibly blessed to be in an institution that has invested so much in me, shaping me into the student I am today. I have been challenged, encouraged, and my horizons have been broadened these last 4 years– and realizing that that was my last time I was going to be sitting in a classroom at HC being taught hit me in a way I didn’t expect.

I’m thrilled at the prospect of being done with work given the fact that my brain has been fried lately… but that’s not say I wasn’t totally overwhelmed at the prospect of my academic career coming to a close. Thank God for Cape Week and Senior Week and all that time with my friends that is to come– I won’t be taking that for granted by any means.

This past weekend marked my last spring weekend at Holy Cross. Luckily, I haven’t found myself in tears just yet, but it was an odd feeling– to walk through the Easy Street Fair and know that it was going to be my last time getting cotton candy, petting the animals in the petting zoo, or watching people fall in the dunk tank (hey Chris Tota!). It’s such a difficult feeling to live in the present but also know its finality– how do you live it more to the fullest? How do you act with more consciousness? How does this awareness translate into action that you will appreciate when you look back on your final weeks of college? I think the best thing I can do is to not over-think it and let myself be.

As plans become more clear for Teach For America (dates and information are trickling in about Summer Institute where I will be trained in Philadelphia for my teaching position in Newark), I feel relieved that I am blessed to know my plans for the future. Many of my classmates are not in the know– but knowing exactly what I am doing (the challenges I know I will have to face, the rigorous schedule I will be adhering to, etc) scares me. I have grown increasingly nervous at what I am to be going through in the upcoming months. Knowing I have a community of Holy Cross friends that extend far beyond the Hill encourages me along my way. Especially considering I get to live with my current roomie, Marjorie, in Newark. I’d say I’m pretty lucky.

Love to all,


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