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Reflections of a 2nd-Semester Senior

January 8th, 2013 etmasi13

One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to get back into the swing of blogging! So here I am. My apologies for being so MIA last semester. It was a packed one. I underestimated the chaos of Holy Cross life—not to mention being a senior and applying to real-life things. And now I can’t believe half of my senior year is over. Entering second semester is terrifying. I still have a solid two weeks before I have to go back to school (speaking of which, I have to really crack down on my thesis in that time!) but I’m already getting totally overwhelmed at the prospect of being a second-semester senior.

First semester of senior year was definitely the best so far of my HC career. Living in Williams (not to mention, having the very first room when you walk in) has been the best thing since sliced bread. Getting to live with 3 of your best friends, cook for yourself, have a family room, and have all your favorite people in the same building? It doesn’t get much better.

Still, it was scary coming back to the Hill from abroad. I was worried about the people I left on campus—did they make new friends that replaced me? My abroad friends from other countries—did they only want to be with each other? Where did that leave me? While the first few days were intimidating, I quickly adjusted to meeting and becoming friends/ closer with some of the best people I have ever known. What makes senior year different from freshman year is that there aren’t any boundaries between friends anymore. Freshman year, we clung to the friends we made because it was all we knew. Fast forward three years later, and I feel that, simply, everyone wants to be friends. It’s awesome. It makes for really fun pub nights on Tuesdays, fun chats in Cool Beans, and a livelier social scene on the weekends. I have never had more fun at HC than I did this past semester.

I know second semester, in many ways, will be even more fun. It’s our last semester as college students…. Ever. So everyone will want to enjoy every second to its fullest. It will also arguably be more stressful with my thesis coming to a close in late April. People will start finding out their futures and panicking. Basically, life will overwhelm us. But I’m determined to take it one day at a time and to enjoy every second I have left on Mount St. James. Cheesy, I know. But trust  me—you don’t even realize how much something means to you until it starts slipping away from you far faster than you can manage.

Here are some highlights from first semester:

The time we went apple-picking at the gorgeous Berlin Orchards. Love you, Spurr!

The time that classes were cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy and we went crazy.

The time Marjorie and I won the Halloween costume contest at the pub. And therefore a HUGE bin of candy.

The time that it was Lauren’s fake birthday at Feng Hibachi

The time it was SENIOR BALL. AH!

Some more senior ball highlights:

The time Emma and I stuffed bears during the winter weekend carnival and named them Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby after our fave Christmas movie, White Christmas

The time  we all dressed in our Christmas best.

Oh and yeah, the time I fell asleep reading on the couch and my dear roommate, Katie, captured it. She calls this “Pretty in Pink.” Thanks, babe.

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