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First term at Oxford = done!

December 6th, 2011 etmasi13

Well, that wraps up my first term at Oxford. I cannot believe how quickly it went. It’s honestly terrifying… I’m having one of those “Oh my god only two more terms left?!?” moments. But then again, I do have two left so I’m pretty lucky. There’s so much to look forward to- including rowing! I’ve finally been able to get back into it after my surgery recovery. And more football of course. Who knew that football would become a genuine love in my life? I’m OBSESSED!

Just to catch you up on what’s been going on in the past week or two: We had Thanksgiving Dinner in the Mansfield Chapel and that was amazing. I was nervous that Thanksgiving would roll around and I’d be utterly homesick but I wasn’t. Granted, I did have pangs for my family (and my aunt’s risotto!) but I got to have the most unique Thanksgiving experience that I’ll cherish forever. Plus, the food was phenomenal. If only we got more stuffing. Damn.

Eighth week was crazy. There was a lot of  work and a lot of social stuff too (especially because it was ‘Oxmas’ week, a.k.a. lots of Christmas events!) It was stressful trying to balance my final Nabokov book and paper with our final football crewdate, black tie event, and Christmas dinner but it was an incredible week. And for those of you who don’t know what a nutjob I am– I am the definition of a Christmas ham. We had a Christmas “bop” (themed parties in the Mansfield JCR that happen twice a term) at the end of 7th week and I went all out. Tinsel was wrapped around my torso. I wore Christmas tree sunglasses. I was in a Santa dress. I’ll stop there.

This term was incredible: I fell in love with a new sport, met some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, got to take two tutorials on some of my biggest academic passions, and was able to live in a gorgeous, thriving city. I’ve spent the last three days in Northern England (a lot darker, a lot colder) in York visiting Katie Camp from HC and it’s been fantastic. Reunions are the absolute best. Later today, I’m jetting off to Leeds, only a 25 min train ride from York, to visit my childhood friend, Gabby. And then, Saturday I’m flying home. Family, friends, CHRISTMAS! It doesn’t get much better.

Life is so, so good right now.

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