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Aaaand I’m back!

August 13th, 2012 etmasi13

Good. News. I got confirmation from Holy Cross that I can blog through my senior year. I’m so excited about this. I got to document my incredible year abroad and now I get to tackle something entirely different – my final year at Holy Cross. The other night I spent a good chunk of time flipping through all the posts I’d written at Oxford. This is why I wanted to blog in the first place – among many reasons – to be able to look back on an experience and get the unique opportuntiy live it again, through my own words. I’m scared to enter my senior year. I haven’t been at Holy Cross as a student since May of 2011; I am writing a senior year thesis (HELP!); I’m starting to plan my life outside college once I graduate (although I will live in denial for as long as I can); and I’m facing the very fact that this is my last year on Mount St. James. And I’ve spent this summer in a weird, time-is-moving-really-slow-but-also-moving-really-fast transitional period coming back from England, going straight into work, and prepping to be a senior. I feel like I’m in a daze sometimes. But I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to blogging. I look forward to the end of my senior year, after I’m holding a college degree and facing the real world, to pause, read through my blog, and see just how much I’ve grown.

I return to The Hill on August 24th, a little early to complete RPE training and help move the freshmen in. I’ve never moved the freshmen in before seeing as I was never an Orientation Leader (unfortunately, a big regret of mine) but getting to start my last year at HC basically doing what I did at the start of my  first year – moving huge boxes out of cars with other freshmen to move in – will be a nice way to come full circle. I’m really excited, especially because one of my closest friends Felicia is gonna be an RPE with me which will make training that much more fun. In the meanwhile, I’ve got less than two weeks to sort out of my life. AH.

So what have I done this summer since returning from abroad? I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time watching the Olympics this summer and am beyond depressed watching the Closing Ceremony right now. I admit: I am 100% that cheeseball who cried when the Fab 5 nailed it and won Gold in gymnastics; my heart went into overdrive when Missy Franklin just out-touched an opponent in swimming; and- I kid you not- I actually began running in place with excitement in my family room watching the USA women win the 4×400 meter relay. I also watch the slow-mo montages of Olympian winning moments just like the viewer NBC wants – sappy, eyes glued to the television, dreaming of world peace (“Oh my God, it really is possible, isn’t it??” Sniff, sniff), and melting at the underdog stories that always give the Olympics its heart and soul. Not to mention, the Olympics were hosted in London this year which made me all the more sentimental considering I left England only a month-and-a-half before the games commenced. I was certifiably insane when I started crying watching the Opening Ceremony- I was, after all, only watching some industrial towers rising from the stadium and grass being rolled away by people dressed peasants. I should’ve been confused but, instead, I was reaching for the tissues.

But what was I really doing this summer? I’ve had the awesome opportunity to intern at Town & Country Magazine at the Hearst Corporation. My boss Micaela is a former Crusader which makes it that much more awesome; I really got a sense of how connected and powerful the alumni network is. That’ll be proved even further when I have lunch next week with another alum working at Conde Nast – I can’t wait. Stay tuned; in my next post I’ll go into detail about my internship this summer, LIFE PLANS (cue heart palpitations), and what I’m looking forward to about my senior year.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer!

Liz xx

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