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The End of Term is in Sight!

February 28th, 2012 etmasi13

These past few weeks have been absolute MAYHEM! Holy Cross applications, internship cover letters, airplane tickets, eurail passes, bus tickets, hostel/ hotel/ apartment reservations… oh and not to mention, still maintaining all the work I have to do at Oxford. I might lose it soon… BUT, I hope I can last until the end of term, which, believe it or not, is next Friday (say whaaaat?) Oh and I’m leaving for Budapest and 19 days of straight euro-tripping then too. And before that I’m doing a weekend getaway to Ireland. My life is the definition of chaos right now but it’s also an incredibly exciting time. I’m definitely concerned with small logistics (if I get an interview for an internship, how will they call me while I’m euro-tripping? put global phone plan research on to-do list…) and I feel like my life is full of a thousand deadlines, but it all get sorted. Despite it all, I have a great sense of calm about stuff… I guess it’s because next Friday I’m about to embark on the most amazing journey EVER.

Oh and just to re-cap some Oxfordian stuff that’s been going on lately! Friday of fifth week I rowed in the IWL race, my first Oxford race representing the Mansfield women’s second boat! It was absolutely incredible. I had forgotten the adrenalin rush you get from racing. Our coxswain Sophie was hilarious and so motivating and for a gaggle of 8 girls who’ve barely been able to practice together and were considered quite unfit after having avoided any outings and ergs with the river frozen for two weeks in January/ February, I say we did pretty well! We didn’t qualify for Torpids, a four-day racing championship during sixth week but it wasn’t disappointing– for us, we won in our own way. And now we’re more excited than ever for Summer VIII’s, a huge race during Trinity Term that we actually have a shot at qualifying for. It’s during the warm weather so everyone from Mansfield comes down to support and celebrate, cooking barbeque food and drinking Pimms. I’m so pumped.

In other sports news, football activity has been decreasing since the official season is over. So, our coach and captain decided to have a friendly against each other. The girls football team is actually a joint endeavor of two colleges, Mansfield and Merton. So we decided splitting us up and battling against each other could be some good fun. We played as if it were a legitimate match too- had refs, wore uniforms (kits, as the Brits call it), and really tried our best. But in the end, it was perfect because it was a draw, 0-0. We Mansfielders love our Merton girls so it was a perfect ending to a fun match on a gorgeous day (it’s been feeling like Spring over here!)

Alright, well I better dash. Before I leave for Budapest, I have to write three more essays, complete three more tutorials, pack for my euro-trip, and apply to a few more programs/ internships. God save me. Hopefully I can post before I leave the country. If I’m alive, of course.


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