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Gettin’ in the groove of things.

January 26th, 2012 etmasi13

Second week of Hilary term is just about over! Sigh of relief. I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely not easing getting adjusted into the swing of work after 6 weeks of lounge time. But I think I’m finally in the groove again! This term my primary tutorial is Christian Ethics (meets every week) and my secondary tutorial is Shakespeare (meets every other). I was definitely a little nervous going into this term… theology and ethics is completely outside of my comfort zone and Shakespeare’s works are not exactly the easiest read in the world. This week proved to be a challenge. Last term the weeks I had my secondary were always stressful because I had twice the work but my secondary was creative writing fiction– by no means a piece of cake and something I’m constantly working towards and cultivating but didn’t require primary or secondary readings. Just a good chunk of time to sit down and bang out 10 pages of polished fiction.

This term I have Shakespeare as my secondary which means that every other week I have to read up to three of Shakespeare’s plays, in addition to several secondary sources, and then write my paper. Since I haven’t tackled this before, I have to admit I didn’t prepare well for the amount of time and concentration it would take me. Basically, I had my Shakespeare paper due Wednesday at 4:30 and my Christian Ethics paper due Thursday morning at 11. It was incredibly stressful– writing a total of 5,000 words in a 36 hour timeframe… yeah, not preferable. But as corny as it sounds, finishing felt INCREDIBLE. And I got some super positive feedback from my tutors so I’m really excited about this term. Especially Christian Ethics– I get to study tops that are pertinent and interesting; just did a paper on Just War and will move onto to Abortion and In Vitro Fertilization next. So cool.

Coming up this weekend- a football crewdate, the first Champagne & Chocolates (we even managed to finally get tickets to the “formal-formal” dinner beforehand, YES) of the term, our final football match that decides whether we win the league (AH!!), and my friend Theo will be visiting for the day on Saturday! Lots to look forward to.

Cheers xxx

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