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Merry Christmas! Or as the Brits say, Happy Christmas!

December 26th, 2011 etmasi13

What a wonderful day to be at home. Many people suggested that I stick around the UK for Christmas since it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But I’m glad I chose to come to my home on the cul-de-sac in a small, seaside town in Connecticut. Because it feels pretty special right about now. I got to spend the day with good food and even better company in the house I basically grew up in. And that once-in-a-lifetime experience? That’s going to come on New Years where I’ll be in Paris with Felicia and Katie. It’s taken a lot of planning (let’s just say I was delusional when I originally thought the only stress to traveling would be the cost… so.wrong.) but to say I’m excited is the understatement of the century.

I spent a month living in Paris when I was 16- I took art and architecture classes, French classes, and volunteered a Parisian day care center. It was a life-changing experience– one that prepared me very well for my current one abroad. Needless to say, I fell in love with the City of Light, in ways that words can’t justify. Paris is the only place in the world that feels like home while still having mystery, a fantasy-like quality, and a magic that never dies. I can’t wait to be back there again. I’ll be leaving on the a red-eye on the 27th to London where Felicia and Katie will join me in Oxford two days. Then from the 30th on we’ll venture to Paris where we’ll be spending practically a week exploring  everything (and getting to spend New Years Eve under the Eiffel Tower).

Christine and Suzanne are joining me in the good ol’ UK on  Jan. 8th where we’ll be spending some time in London and Edinburgh before my term starts. I just squealed a little from excitement. I feel as though all of this is making my break at home sound rather lackluster. But let me just say, I cherished each of the 17 days I got to spend at home. I spent so much time with friends (Ashton, how will I survive without you living with me?), saw a show in NYC (War Horse is absolutely incredible. I know the movie is coming out but the show … yes, with the puppets… amazing), went to the movies a bunch of times (David Fincher, you are a God), shopped, and even did the little things like talked over a latte at Starbucks, went to my favorite Chinese restaurant more than a few times, and snuggled with my pooches.

Another day and a half at home and then I’m overseas again… this time for close to 7 months. A little terrifying but lots is in store.

Hope everyone’s holiday was lovely xx

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