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An Excursion to Bath!

November 21st, 2011 etmasi13

Sorry for the delay in the blogging! Fifth week of term went by in a tiring blur and sixth week was spent recuperating. Oxford kids call it the Fifth Week Blues. The weather became a little damper and colder and the motivation level for work plummeted. But I’m back in action. This past Friday was our second Champagne & Chocolates black tie event in our classy chapel. It was another winner. Unlimited champagne and chocolates for only 5 pounds. The opportunity to dress up nicely, sip champagne, indulge in chocolate, and chat with a lot of great people– it doesn’t get better. My high school friend, Emily, who’s studying at Pembroke also joined me. I’m pretty thrilled that we have two of these a term… four more C&C’s, let’s go!

Yesterday, Kelly, Sophia, and I decided to take a day trip to Bath, England. Oxford is an amazing city but you start to feel the urge as the weeks progress to get out and escape, even for a few hours. Plus, I’m only here for a year and I want to explore as much of England as I can. We took a relatively cheap (12 pounds round trip!) bus to Bath, two hours away. We almost missed the bus (and by almost missed, I mean we frantically flagged down the bus driver to pull over and take us and then we proceeded to get lectured about timeliness– yikes!) and we had to sit in palpable heat next to the loos in the back, but all in all, it was a feasible trip and arriving in Bath made it all worth it. Bath is home to the ancient, famous Roman Baths which are absolutely stunning. It was surreal to be standing in something 10,000 years old. Let’s just say the Romans were pretttttty smaht.

After we took our tour of the gorgeous baths, we did some site-seeing and shopping. I ended up getting a pair of slippers (random, but hey- much needed)! We loved walking around for hours and even though it was overcast, it was still beautiful. We also enjoyed some delicious, cheap food at a cafe overlooking a river.

I took my day trip as an excuse to whip out my dad’s mammoth Canon professional camera that takes epic photos.

Kelly and me in front of a beautiful chapel right next to the Roman Baths- check out the Christmas tree : )

The Roman Baths!

One of the markets- decorated for Christmas, of course!

Sophia and me with some beautious scenery.

The river our cafe overlooked.

Christmas spirit in the streets of Bath! I can’t wait for Oxford to do their lighting festival next week. I’m going to freak out like the little Christmas ham I am!

It’s still pretty insane that I can just jet to Bath for a day… can’t wait for the many more excursions that await!

P.S. Check out those slippers.

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