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New Obsession: Biking

November 9th, 2011 etmasi13

So I caved and bought a bike last week. I couldn’t do it anymore. Don’t get me wrong… walking around this city is nothing to complain about. It’s stunning and vibrant. But the 15-20 minute walk from my building to campus every day was getting a little tedious. It ruled out the possibility of taking a nap mid-day or dashing back to get something. Soon, I grew to envy everyone on a bike. I even walked past unlocked bikes and thought how easy it would be to nick it (dark thoughts, I know!). Finally after football practice one day when all the girls cycled off and far, far away–while I was left drudging along– I gave in. Done.

Two days later I went to Cycle King (a bike shop in Oxford) and purchased a bike. I had attempted to buy used/ cheaper bikes and failed miserably. So I decided to go for a lovely new bike (my friend has literally called it “The Sistine Chapel of all bikes”) that the shop will buy back at 40% at the end of the year. Or I can try to sell it myself. Orrrrr I can sneak it onto my flight back home since I’m literally in love with it.

I now bike everywhere. Walking? Walking is for the weak. I can get to campus now in record time–about one song on my iPod. YEAH. So quick. I can hop on and run errands and go back to Dale (my building) in a flash. It’s fantastic. The only thing of recent– the brakes have begun making a horrifying screeching noise. I originally thought a lot of bikes do but I’ve been getting an number of odd looks and glares when I ride by breaking. Oh well!

In other news– over the weekend, a bunch of Mansfield kids took buses into London where we went to a world famous club, The Ministry of Sound. It was ah-mazing. The music was phenomenal and it’s always nice to be with other Mansfield kids; it feels like a little community (cheesy). Definitely one for the story books.

Hope the snow is laying off in the states… we’re finally experiencing some typical English weather–damp, dark, rainy!

Till next time xxxx

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