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Oh hey, Emma Watson!

October 31st, 2011 etmasi13

Let’s discuss the few awesome things that have occured recently.

    1. I saw Emma Watson in Tesco. We shared an incredible escalator journey. As I was heading down, she was heading up talking to a boy–and we made eye contact. I gave her an awkward, i’m-secretly-dying-inside smile. But that’s ok. Also, yes–
    2. Five days later, I saw her walking right in front of me on Broad St, one of Oxford’s main streets. That’s right. I was walking right behind Hermoine. If I’ve seen her twice in one week, I can’t even imagine how many times I’ll have seen her by the end of next June. Best friends for life.
    3. Last week I went to my first Champagne & Chocolates–a black tie event with unlimited champers and chocs for 5 pounds. Such a classy event in Mansfield’s gorgeous chapel. Win-win. Below is a pic of Kelly, Sophia, Ashley, me, and Gabby. I’ve known Gabby since I was 11- I met her when I was a junior bridesmaid for my English nanny’s wedding. What started out as penpals turned into American-British sisters. đŸ™‚ She currently studies at the University of Leeds in Northern England and she came down the weekend of my third week in Oxford for a long-awaited visit!
    4. I got to re-read Lolita, my absolute favorite book of all time for my Vladimir Nabokov tutorial this past week. My secondary readings and the discussion I had with my tutor opened my eyes to new interpretations. Nerdy, but I loved it.
    5. I had my first football ‘crewdate’. Essentially, crew dates are socials where a girls’ sports team is paired up with a boys’, we go to a family-style restaurant, drink wine, and then go dancing after. I got to meet and get to know so many people and the Lincoln Rugby boys provided some entertaining moments. All-in-all: amazing. I want a million more. Pictured below: Mansfield second-years Sophie & Lotty, Sophia, Kelly, and me at Jamal’s for the crewdate!
    6. A few Holy Cross girls studying elsewhere in Europe visited Oxford this weekend and it was so nice to have a piece of home in England.
    7. Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto came out.
    8. While it snowed back home in New England, it remained sunny and crisp– the perfect autumn weather– over in merry ol’ England.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

And on a serious note, Oxford has a pretty serious issue with homelessness–and particularly, homeless people with dogs. It’s heart-breaking to walk past these people every day and hear them begging for spare pence, as well as see emaciated and filthy dogs sleeping in soot-covered sleeping bags next to them. The other night, I was struck by one gentleman in front of the grocery store and when I collected groceries inside, I also picked up a granola-nut bar and dog bones. When I walked outside, I handed him the items for him and his dog. I won’t ever forget his gratefulness and his shaggy, dirty dog’s little eyes. I hope him and his dog slept with fuller stomachs that night.

That’s all for now. Bless xxx

3 Responses to “Oh hey, Emma Watson!”

  1. An Emma Watson encounter in Tesco sounds pretty funny. You’ll just have to run into her a few more times and I’m sure you two will be hanging out soon đŸ™‚

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