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London Calling!

September 30th, 2011 etmasi13

The time is finally here! I’m leaving tonight to cross the pond. Right now I’m running around my mess of a room to try and find everything I need as well as making the final packing adjustments. But soon I’ll be sealing everything shut and piling into the car with my parents, headed to JFK.

The dogs seem to know I’m leaving- Elwood, my oldest pup (just turned 11!) sat by me the other day as I packed my large suitcase in the spare room for hours. One of my other pooches, Cole, even curled up on a shirt on the floor I was going to pack as if to say “Don’t gooooo.” It’s heartbreaking, but luckily I’m coming home for two weeks this Christmas so it’s not ‘so long’ for good. It’ll be emotional when I leave, and I can’t bear the thought of watching my parents walk away at the airport. But having Emily there will help and I just keep thinking of everything that’s waiting for me in England. 🙂

A million little things are beckoning me right now, so I’m off.  Next time I post, I’ll be in the UK. (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that!) Fingers Crossed!

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