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12 Days To Go

September 19th, 2011 etmasi13

The countdown has begun.

Ok, that’s a lie. The countdown’s practically been in place for almost a year. But still. Leaving for Mansfield College at Oxford on my September 30th red-eye is coming quick. Add the mounting to-do list, the empty suitcases and piles of scattered clothes in the spare room, plus the freshly stamped Visa in my passport …. Yep, I’d say this is getting prettttty real. Right now, there’s a whole mix of emotions. Watching the first two weeks of Holy Cross pass by without me there was not easy. I just visited the hill for the weekend and had to say goodbye to a bunch of people—some of them, I might add, I’ll probably never see again– WHAT?! It’s crazy. Some of my closest friends are sharing a six-man together in Carlin that was so wonderful I wanted to curl up on their futon and never leave. Mount St. James is the absolute best during Fall too. Killer.

Not to mention there’s a years worth of packing to do and only 12 days left to smother my three beloved dogs with affection. But I’m choosing not dwell on all of these details. Instead, I’m focusing my energy on the majority of what I’m feeling— excitement. And the word “excitement” doesn’t even do it justice. Just a little over a week ago, I underwent surgery to get my gall bladder removed (let’s just say that useless organ gave me way too many issues). At first I was miserable– the recovery is far from painless. Then my surgeon informed me: 1. I can’t do heavy lifting until mid-October (that means being a dependent brat making everyone carry my luggage when I arrive. Blegh.) And 2. I can’t row crew or do any sport-intensive exercise until mid-November. That slashed my dreams of joining club crew once I got there.

BUT, I’m remaining super positive. The surgery is all over, I’m basically recovered, and now I can rest assured I won’t have to deal with any of that in the UK (well, fingers crossed). And I’ve been told that I’ll be welcome to join crew at any time. I always have to remind myself– it’ll all work out. Plus, I can’t help but feel lucky; one of my good friends from high school, Emily, is going to Pembroke College at Oxford through Georgetown. We scheduled our flight together and everything. Next year is all about testing myself and really putting myself outside of my comfort zone. But having a friend of six years to experience this all with me makes me a pretty blessed gal.

Oh and I was introduced to a senior at HC over the weekend who went to Oxford last year and she got me so giddy about the whole thing. She even drew me a map from memory of the area around the building I’ll hopefully be living in. She outlined “Moo Moos” and “Ben’s Cookie’s” as necessary pitstops. And by that, I mean most likely multiple, multiple pitstops. So yeah excitement? Doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Tuesday to Thursday of this week I’ll be escaping to Nantucket for some mommy-daughter bonding time before I go off. These next 12 days, I’m going to enjoy every last second I have with the people (and fluffballs) I love. And then I’ll be departing for  the journey of a lifetime… Unreal.

P.S. These will fit my life. All I got to pack everything I need for a year. (Alright, I’m also bringing a huge rolling duffle).

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